Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is it what you think it is?  Yes, a red horse skeleton made of metal.  I talked with Ken, who lived here and he said that he picked this up as garbage!  A nearby neighbor had it out for the trash, and Ken asked to have it.  Now it graces their front yard and is quite a conversation piece!  The saying, "One person's junk is another person's treasure," fits this situation!  HaHa!

Now I know what a red blood cell feels like!  I circulated 4.5 miles around Foster Village trying to finish walking places I missed yesterday.  Constantly referring to my notes and my map, I think that people in the neighborhood were getting nervous.

So what, Donna!  More plumeria trees!  Yeah, but miniature plumeria trees!  The brick wall is fence height, so, the tree is the size of a bush.  Check out the teeny-tiny plumeria blossoms by double clicking the picture!  I guess I could use it to put leis on dolls!  HaHa!

I was impressed with this garage when I saw the latticework cut out from the garage partition.

Today's journey provided a couple of interesting mailboxes.  The first one looks like the actual tree stump growing out of the ground was made into a mailbox stand.  The second is a representation of "night-blooming cereus."  The blossoms only open at night, and is best seen when there is a full moon.

A climbing rock wall in the back of your house?  What happened to the swing and the trampoline?
This shrine was located in their backyard.  I'm not sure if it is Buddha or a Hindu God, but, it sure saves on gas when its time to attend a worship service, no?  Have a spiritual day!  A Hui Hou!(Until we meet again!)

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