Monday, May 21, 2012

What?  Tripler has a pool?  Where is it?  Well, it's in the middle of the gym!  That's right, you can't see it unless you walk inside the building, then go down the stairs, and lo and behold, a beautiful blue water pool which is 25 meters long.  And, that's not all folks!  They also have...

A Kiddie pool!  Shallow and good sized with lots of lounging chairs for the adults.  There's also...

A Sauna!  All in the same area!  Yes, the secret is out and some people are going to get mad that you know now!

Check out the view from the pool!  Yup, that's the Waianae mountain range in the background.  Double click the picture to see up close!

One of two "Fisher Houses," this is an alternative to soldiers and families receiving treatment at Tripler.  It's a home away from home with common areas such as; living room, family room, dining room, kitchen and laundry room.  The difference is that the guest is also a volunteer and is responsible for the upkeep of the home during their stay.  The lanai has million dollar views!

At the top of the road, finally, where the start of the "Tripler Ridge Trail" is located.  Follow to the end and come to the Ko'olau range summit and see the east side of the Island.

What!? A railroad crossing up here?  No, it's a Hospital Helicopter landing pad!  See the wind sock in the background?  That just blows me away!  HaHa!

A Hotel up here?  You betcha!  As long as you can get past the gate, you can stay here.  Privately owned and not a part of MWR, IHG Army Hotels also owns Holiday Inn Express and Candlewood Suite Hotels.  If you have orders, it's cheaper.  A nice perk is shuttle service to the Airport and the NEX.

Today completed the Tripler Hospital area and took an additional 3.88 miles to finish.  I loved the views and even though the walk took some effort, it was worth it.  I hope to return to swim in the pool and hike the ridge trail.

Okay, okay here is a flower picture!  I couldn't let you go 2 days in a row without one!  HaHa!  Called, "White Shell Plumeria," it doesn't open all the way, in fact, this is as far as it goes!  You would be waiting a very long time to see the petals open, because it won't!  E malama pono! (Take good care!)

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