Friday, May 18, 2012

The road to nowhere!  This area was located past a dead end of the housing at Aliamanu Military Reservation.  The land was obviously graded, but, it stops at the high point of the ridge.  Was it supposed to be more housing?  Was the land not stable enough to support it?  Did the military run out of money?  What do you think?

Someone must have lived here for awhile to cultivate the numerous flora.  Military housing is usually quite temporary and even if you had a green thumb, nature takes time to prosper.  So, this forest of flora is unusual by comparison to most housing.

Your world could be right here and you could walk to everything.  There is also a Library and skateboard ramps.  I have noticed (four walking days and still more to do) that this crater is pretty large and you can get a lot of walking right in here!

Is it a bird?  Is it a nest?  No, its a volleyball!  I think that its going to be there for a very, long time.  It may very well end up a nest if it becomes deflated!  By the way, it was really up there!

4.03 miles and still a long ways to go!  I may add variety and walk a different place to keep my walks spicy!  So, either my maps are way off on distance, or my calculations are.  I will finish this area, but, not all at once.  Be patient, my friends! It will be done!  Don't forget, one more day til the contest ends!  Enter and be a possible winner!  Aloha no!(love, indeed!)

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  1. I love all the beauty that you notice like the Rainbow shower tree. For these walks, it's a blessing you get distracted so easily. ;)