Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's traverse was thru this apartment complex.  Named the "Moanalua Hillside Apartments," they don't lie because up the hill was where I went.  The interesting murals on the front and sides of the units were a Hawaiian flower.  The first picture is "Maile." Every unit had a distinguishing flower that is lit up at night. These one and two bedroom apartments are well maintained and in a convienent area to enter the freeway heading H-1 West, H-1 East and access to H-3.

It's steeper than it looks!  Mercy!  This road leads up to "Red Hill Elementary" school.  Sitting all alone on the top of this rise, the view is magnificent, but, I wouldn't like to be the kids walking to school.

Another love match!  The purple bougainvillea entwined with the pine tree.  What a two-timer!  Just a couple of days ago, the bougainvillea was with the Hibiscus bush!

Sea serpent?  Rattlesnake?  What do you think?  Anyway, you can find it near the cafeteria at "Red Hill Elementary School."

I'm finding out that some areas are not available to walk.  The "Moanalua Village" community is private property and there is no trespassing.  Totally closed off, I had to turn around.  Rats!
"Red Hill Mauka," is military housing, and being such, the homes are practically the same.  I figured that I wouldn't find much here, but, wrong again!  Check out the things I saw!

At the end of the road, uphill all the way, (phew!) I saw this!!!
Wow!  It took my breath away! (Besides being breathless, HaHa!)

I know that it doesn't look far, but, 4.09 miles was the total for today.  Till tomorrow, E malama pono! (Take good care!)

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