Thursday, May 10, 2012

I had to start out with this, because it looks so fake!  This variety is a hybrid called, "Heidi," and is pure YELLOW!  The proof is that it is still connected to the tree! 

What?  Another military housing area?  Well, you're starting to figure out that the military is a large presence in Hawaii, especially the Island of Oahu.

There's a lot of construction going on in this area.  Large trucks continually going in and out passing me kind of close for comfort!

I was taking a picture of the housing area in the crater, but, do you notice the UFO in the right-hand top corner?  Well, that's not a UFO, that's a BUG.  With construction stirring up everything, the bugs were mightily attracted to my yellow shirt.  I was covered with them.  All of a sudden, I'm noticing the merry chirping of many birds, and I thought, anytime now they are going to swoop down on me and eat those bugs!  HaHa!

With a gas station, mini-mart and Burger King, why drive out of the crater?

I took this picture on the makai(toward the ocean) side looking mauka (towards the mountain).  You can easily see how the housing sits in the crater.  The centrally located housing makes for short commutes to work and easy access to the freeway.

This cacti straddled the side of a boulder along the rim of the crater.  The flower reminds me of a carnivorous plant that attracts bugs and then digests them.  Here!  Take all the bugs that are loving my shirt! HaHa!

The OLD and the NEW!  The old housing units are empty and ready to be knocked down.  The new units looks like there will be more people living per unit then in the past.

Today was an average jaunt of 3.65 miles, but, it did go up and down, so I had some challenges.  I'm not sure if you see it, but, I have XXXX's all over the place.  These areas are under construction or private property or access to water tanks.  I will not be able to walk in these areas.  I might try a darker marker so it will be more visible next time.  Aloha! (Bye!)

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  1. I lived in the Crater from 84 to 88. Thank you for this blog entry. What a wonderful walk down memory lane!