Friday, May 11, 2012

This inset was made from the trees in Moanalua Gardens.  It represents the "Tree of Happiness," an actual tree in the Gardens.  Tell me if I'm wrong, but, doesn't it look like hands with the fingers touching at the center base of the foliage, or, faces kissing or sharing "Ha?" (breath of life).  You can accuse me of letting my imagination run away with me, that won't be the first time!  HaHa!

Did you know that there are basketball courts, tennis courts and a Recreation Center under the on-ramps to the freeway ewa (west) of the Moanalua Gardens?  Also, a playground and bathrooms for the keiki(children) included?  It's well hidden, and only on my walks have I discovered these resources.  I like that it's located in the shade!  No sunburn and a cooler workout is the way to go!

 So, the adults and the keiki (children) are taken care of, but, what about your pets!  Well, in addition, there is a dog park!  A large area for the dogs to run or be trained by their owners.  As for the second picture, I'm not sure of it's purpose.  Its located on the backside of the dog park.  The only assumption is its to train the dogs to jump?!  Kind of strange looking, don't you think?

Yup!  I'm walking by and OVER the Freeway!  I'm glad that there is another option available instead of driving or catching the bus.  Noisy and not fun if you have vertigo, but, happy that you can safely get to the other side!

I know that my route for today is a little confusing, but, I need to fill in the puka's(holes) of my other walks.  I'm connecting the dots, you might say.  At 2.68 miles with overlapping routes, today wasn't a great accomplishment, but I know that areas are pau (finished) and I can move on somewhere else.  Check my blog tomorrow as I'm going to have a drawing for a FREE "The Walking Hawaiian" T-shirt!  Aloha ahiahi!(Good evening!)

Week total mileage: 19.81
Grand Total mileage: 75.08

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