Friday, May 4, 2012

Magenta!  A definite addition to my "beautiful Hibiscus" list!
I heard it, before I saw it.  There is a water fountain feature next to the left stork.  So tranquil!
As it rained heavily before I walked today, the blossoms were nourished and perky!  I smelled these Gardenias a long way till I finally found the source.
The clock/weather vane greets you as you walk up the steps to the front door.  Obviously, we have the tradewinds, since it comes from the easterly direction.
Even graffitti can look beautiful.  I'm not sure if this is part of a tag or taggers added to the mural.

If you think that the map looks confusing, you should have seen how confused I was walking today.  Thank goodness for my notes and my own map.  I walked a convoluting 4.27 miles today and will welcome the weekend to rest my weary feet.

Since tomorrow is "Kodomo No Hi" day (Children's day),a Japanese tradition dedicated to health and strength of all children, I'm posting the celebration poles with the swimming carp today.  Carp are noted for their strength swimming against the tide.  Each carp is representative.  The black one is the father, the red is the mother, and all others are the number of children they have.  Have a great weekend!

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