Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yaaayyy!  Cool looking mailboxes again!  I loved the bright colors in both of them and the typical Hawaiian scenes.  Hey!  Where's the surf!?

Not "Watergate," but, a "fence of gates."  Upon glancing at it, I knew that something was not right.  Either this resident LOVES gates, or there was a great sale on gates and they just connected them.  Double click the picture to see up close!

The area I walked today is called "Foster Village."  This will take a little time to complete, as  3.63 miles didn't make a big dent here.  But, that's okay!  At least the homes aren't cookie-cutter like military housing.

Anchors away!  Someone forgot to put it back on the boat! HaHa!  Admiral Radford not only had a road named after him, but, a high school too!  It's located off of Salt Lake Blvd.

I am in "Sing Sing!"  An odd way of arranging your lawn ornaments.  I felt they were watching me the whole time I was walking down the street!  Eerie feeling!

Beautiful stained glass with ocean creatures swimming in your window.  Double click to see the detail!

Not "Tally Ho," but, "Hale Ho," which means "house of Ho," a Chinese name well established in Hawaii. (Remember "Don Ho?" He remembers you!  HaHa!  Song joke!)  An ingenious way to make sure no one gets lost trying to find your house, no?

Talk about VIBRANT!  This bush had so many blossoms, I had a hard time making up my mind which one to photograph!  I don't even think that this picture replicates the depth of hue my eyes saw.
Anyway, I hope you have a glorious day!  Aloha!(Good-bye!)

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