Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three colors on one car!  I'm not a real car fanatic, but, I just love this car!  The car make, the styling, the colors, make of the car so unique!  You would be so recognizable, make sure you're not doing something you shouldn't!

Back to Aliamanu crater I go!  I ran into some trouble today.  Rim road on the map shows that it joins up with Rim Loop and more housing areas.  That was my plan until I hit a locked fence about mid-point of the way.  There is another fence about 50 yds away on the other side.  I turned around and back-tracking I went.  A new plan had to be formulated on the spot.  Thank goodness I had a map, but, I wasn't prepared and I was more of "The Lost Hawaiian" instead of "The Walking Hawaiian!"  HaHa!  I still was able to put in 3.88 miles for the day.

I thought that the solar light looked like an interesting photograph to take, then, I saw the Texas shaped paver behind it and decided that's even more interesting.  All my exes live in Texas, that's why I made my home in Hawaii! (Changing the words to a country western song! HaHa!)

The trees are really blooming right now and it's hard for me to watch where I'm going since my attention is high up in the trees.  People might think I'm being snobbish, with my nose up in the air!

Not the typical lawn ornament, a trio of Meerkats greet you at the front door of this residence.

Good thing I was nearby when this fracas was taking place.  Three birds where having at it, until I came near and broke them up!  Hope you had a more peaceful day!  Aloha! (Bye,bye!)

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