Monday, May 28, 2012

A sight easily recognized in the opening sequence of "Hawaii 5-0," but, where and who is it? The "National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific," known to the locals as "Punchbowl Cemetery," is dedicated to veterans and soldiers.  She is called, "Lady of Colombia" or "Lady Liberty," representing all mothers who lost their son or daughter in war.

Only on Memorial Day are flags and leis placed on every headstone marker.  The sight is beautiful and tragic to behold.  I feel that we should remember these sacrifices everyday of our lives, and not only one day per year.  Forty-eight banyan trees lining the entrance to the "Lady Liberty," each representing a state.( There were only 48 states in 1949 when the cemetery was created.) 

I had to study these trees before I realized that the leaves of the trees formed a circle.  The first picture is actually 5 trees which connected together to form the circle.  The second was only one tree.  What does it represent?  I can only guess because I could find no information on the Internet.  My guess is that it is a wreath for honor or valor, or the circle symbolizes eternity where there is no beginning and no end.  What do you think?

Sitting high above Honolulu, Punchbowl with the backdrop of the Ko'olau mountains evoke beauty and peace.  Aloha(goodbye), mahalo(thank you), and  A Hui Hou(until we meet again) my heroes!

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