Monday, May 7, 2012

As per request of my blogger follower, here is the ocean, actually Keehi Lagoon.  I'm looking mauka (towards the mountain) from Lagoon Dr.  Another beautiful day in Hawaii.
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Cars, cars, and more cars!  Rental agencies, rental car sales and WHAT IS THAT?  Branch parts stuck in the chain link fence?  Is this a decoration?  Are they just lazy to take it out?  There's not too many trees around there, so, how did it get there?

A host of aviation agencies not related to passenger travel.  All can be found down Lagoon Dr.
Seaplane travel is another alternative.  A different take-off and landing.  By the way, when the seaplane landed, the crew was busy cleaning all the windows.  I guess there is a lot of salt spray involved with this type of travel.

A huge JAL plane was landing when I walked to the end of Lagoon Dr.  The Japanese tourists really help the Hawaii economy with their generous spending! $$$$

This walk was mostly industrial, so, plants were far and in between.  In this shot, I spied a bougainvillea with a  hibiscus bush intertwined together.  It must be true love, because both plants are doing quite well!  HaHa!

I've just got to be insane!  Well, I estimated that this route is about 4 miles, but, was I wrong!  The completed route was 6.85 miles!  The sun was beating on me and the wind was trying to rip my umbrella from my hands.  I think by the end, I was close to a crawl.  Okay, I think I better hone my math skills for tomorrow and ease up a bit. Besides being followed by "Airport Security," it still was very beautiful to see the ocean and the mountains at the same time.
Yes, you can see Diamond Head from Lagoon Dr. A special note! When the moon is full (like now!) check it out on this road.  The water is lit up and is gorgeous to see!

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