Friday, May 18, 2012

Tripler Army Hospital, the PINK icon, unmistakenably located high on the Moanalua ridge.  Tripler orignally was located at Ft. Shafter, so named to honor Brevet Brigadier General Charles Stuart Tripler for his contributions to Army medicine during the Civil War.  This newer facility was completed in 1948, and the Old building in Ft. Shafter was torn down in 1956.  Due to its high location, it was perfect to broadcast their own radio station, KTGH.

This trek was a test to see if all the walking I've done has been effective in improving my endurance and strength. 

As big as a head, this fruit fell not long before my walk took me here.  If it hit me, I would be the next patient at Tripler!

Continuing to walk up and up and higher yet, this sign gave me comfort-- just in case!

With this picture, you may be starting to get a clue as to the difficult ascent to this long- standing edifice.  I went higher still.  I may not have been breathing easy, yet my legs said, "I can do more!"  No one was more pleasantly surprised and pleased than me!

Is there a parking problem at Tripler?  If valet parking is a feasible option, then yes, Houston, there is a problem.  You can pay $5 to valet park, or, go round and round the parking areas, following people that look like they may be leaving. (Yes, they were following me around too!  Read my shirt, folks!)

At 5 levels, you would think that this parking structure would be more than ample enough to handle all the patients, but, you would be wrong.

The reason may be that the Department of Veteran Affairs is also located on the grounds of Tripler.  Well, if not, it sure didn't help!

Who was the designer for this roof?  They must have been in a "colorful" phase when they worked on it.  Make sure to double click this to see close up the chaotic colors!

Okay, say it!  Where's the flowers?  So sorry, but none today.  But, you can use the colorful roof as your flower for today! HaHa!  I thought that this walk would be very long, but, it ended up being only 3.66 miles.  My math skills failed me again!  Check tomorrow for the winner of the T-shirt and have a great weekend!  A Hui Hou! (Until we meet again!)

Total miles for the week: 20.42
Grand total miles: 95.5!


  1. Gorgeous driving, but difficult hiking. Way to be walking Hawaiian!

  2. KTGH was strictly closed-circuit (hardwired) and never had a transmitter nor a license to transmit...