Friday, June 1, 2012

Wow!  What a really hot car!  Literally, the car mural is a volcano erupting with lava shooting in the air and rivers of molten lava coursing to the lower areas.  Shadowy mountains and billowing purple clouds are in the background.  I talked with a neighbor, and he said that the car was stolen once, but since it was painted, it hasn't been touched.  The uniqueness can easily be identified, so, a great idea if you don't want your car stolen folks!  Double click the picture and see the beautiful details.

A couple of interesting mailboxes today.  The first one is deep inside the bush with a slit cut into it for the mailman to insert mail.  I was wondering, how does the mailman know if you want him to pick-up mail?  Is the red flag connected to the mailbox, or does the resident put out a big red flag so the mailman knows what to do?

The second one looks like a BIG Oops!  Upon reflection, maybe not the best idea to enclose the mailbox entirely.  I see that they jury-rigged a solution to the problem.  HaHa!

A series of dead ends completed my foray into Foster Village.  Most residents eyed me with curiosity and suspiciousness.  Also, dead ends cause me to backtrack out, so, most of my 3.24 miles today was retracing what was already done.  Total for the week: 14.37 miles and the grand total of 126.78 miles since starting this blog.

Some pretty Hibiscus I saw on the way.  I like to end my walking week with beauty! E malama pono!(take good care!)


  1. This is a great blog idea! There are so many things to see out walking, running, hiking. I think I will head out in a few minutes and have a run down toward Standley lake and go garage sailing. LOL. Hugs.