Friday, June 8, 2012

Thare she blows!  Unavoidable and highly visible, this mural done by "Wylan" greets you as you head Ewa(west) on the H-1 near the airport.

And what about the other side?  Well, if you drive Diamond Head(east) on the H-1 near the airport, this is the sight that you see.  The sky would have blended better if I took this picture when the sun was setting.  Actually, you'll see Diamond Head proper if you look in this direction!
Obviously, I am walking through the airport area today and pranced 3.88 miles in and out of various businesses.  I had to run in the crosswalks to save denting fenders and myself!  Scary!  The total for the week is 19.46 miles with the Grand total of 146.24 miles since I started.

.At first, I thought that the icon painted on the Mustang was a graphic tattoo.  Upon further inspection, I realized that it was a graphic rendition of a horse and part of it's flank.  Even better yet, as its so totally cool!   All you horse lovers, do you need a tattoo?

The pretty pink sign of an iced donut caught my attention, so, I mosied in and bought a few donuts.  The owner, Helen, so happened to be there and graciously posed behind the display cases.  By the way, the donuts were fresh, moist and tasty.  The "Regal Bakery" is open till 2:00pm, so, take care of your sweet tooth folks!

About that sweet tooth, here is another favorite of mine; Caramel Popcorn with Macadamia nuts!  It'll hook you once you taste it!  There is a retail store here which the public can enter and buy all their products. You can save big if you buy in bulk!  Think...Christmas gifts!!  Or...Gorge myself!!!
In the news, Sopogy, meaning: So-solar, Po-power, Gy-energy as claims of output by NREL and Panos Prevedouros, a Professor of civil engineering at UH are quite different.  Prevedouros' research suggest the Big Island plant produces less than 100KW and the NREL says 2MV to 500KW.  The project cost the state $20 million with the output of 100KW that is equal to $200/watt.  If we use Photovoltaic panels, it would equal to $5/watt.  Something's fishy!

I'm still scratching my head about this one!  Are they waiting for the cell phone to ring? Be delivered?  Or is this a pull-out for people using their cell phone.  Well, you know EVERYONE uses the cell phone while they are driving, amongst other things as well.  If someone knows what this is, please tell me!  Have a great weekend!  Aloha!(bye!)

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