Monday, June 25, 2012

Got your "reef walkers" on?  You could really use it here!  Some people fish off of it, others bring a net and a bucket, and of course, bring your camera.  I think that snorkleing around the edge would be great since they have fishes galore.  This area is part of Hickam AFB, just past the Ft. Kamehameha housing.

The bullet holes received as Japanese zeros strafed this building during the bombing of Pearl Harbor has never been repaired.  This is so that it will never be forgotten.  Eight barracks were contained in this one complex, nick-named the "Hickam Hotel." It could house 3200 airmen and was near to the flightline, so airmen could walk to work.

I have noticed that every Monday, I'm pretty ambicious when I walk.  I guess that the rest I get during the weekend fires me up!  Today, I walked 4.20 miles and am very thankful there was no back-tracking as my daughter picked me up at the end of my walk.

Do you know what JPAC is?  The one and only place where MIA military men or women remains are identified.  Very scientific, using DNA or pieces of evidence (buttons, snaps, buckles) help to pinpoint time frames or places to give closure to family members of the servicemen.
Hickam Beach can be so much fun, because you can rent kayaks, paddle-boards, sailboats and rent a surfing tow.

If you think the beach is too crowded, you can rent your own BEACH!  This is called, "Honeymoon Beach," and it's yours for half a day with your own lifeguard, bathroom, and tables for a nominal fee!

Awful close, yeah?  This road, Mamala bay Dr. continues under the taxiway.  The taxiway leads to the Coral Reef Runway off of Hickam Harbor.  You can be entertained watching all the planes taxiing to the runway.

After my long, hard walk today, my daughter and I had lunch at the NEWLY opened "Sam Choy" restuarant that used to be "Sea Breeze."  There is indoor seating and lanai seating, and of course we sat on the lanai.  Today was a "soft" opening and everyone ate FREE as they wanted a comment card to be filled out. The official "Grand Opening" will be on Monday. Also, they gave us a dozen FREE chocolate chip and macadamia cookies!  Oh!  There are perks being "thewalkinghawaiian!"  I didn't even know, I just showed up!  So, my friends, I hope that your day will be filled with little surprises too!  Aloha!(Bye!)


  1. Sounds like a productive day! Jealous about all the free food.

  2. Super ambitious, and what a treat for yah to have a feast after your walk. Definitely one of those signs that say "Keep doing what you're doing, you're doing great." And if you need more motivation, just scroll through your blog, these pictures are beautiful and amazing.