Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Okay, for those of you who have been missing my flowers, here you go!  Starting off with a blossom that I encountered while walking today.

The area I covered on Hickam today, is located on the east side of the base.  Predominately housing, of course there needs to be services nearby.  Even though I treaded 2.94 miles, the number of services will blow your mind!

Let's start off with a car wash area.  Either you can wash the car yourself or go through the automatic car wash.  They also have vaccuums to clean your car.

Do you need to sell your car, or do you need to buy a used car?  This lot is used by the Air Force, the Navy and the Army.  The selections are many and the price, negotiable!

Is there an artist or a wannabe in your household?  This "Arts and Crafts Center" has a store for supplies and offers many ongoing courses to teach you how.  Besides that, there is a frame shop and a wood shop on the same premises.

Want to see a movie?  Hickam has its very own movie theatre.  The movies may not be the most recent, but, maybe behind a couple of months.  The price can't be beat!  Especially the prices for soda and popcorn!

Oh no!  You forgot to fill the gas tank and its 11:00pm?  Don't worry!  Twenty (yes, count them) fuel hoses that are open 24/7 are available!  We came here when the tsunami warning came late at night.  Just the sheer number of fill-up areas helped the long lines move quickly. Also, a large mini-mart is located to the right.

Want to learn to golf?  This Par 3, nine hole golf course should fit the bill.  This course is also the only one that you can play at night.  The fairways and greens are lit, but, if you hit it elsewhere, make sure you have a ball that lights up on impact so you can find it!

Does your car need maintainence or repair?  The auto body hobby shop rents out stalls with lifts and tools that you might need.  If you have the knowhow, why pay someone else to do it?

In the middle of buildings and structures, I came upon this little plot of paradise.  You know, if you look hard enough, you'll catch something that delights the eye.  So, should I get a job as a Air Force Recruiter?  By the time I finish walking Hickam, you might all be joining up, yeah? HaHa! A Hui Hou!(until we meet again!)

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  1. The military sure does treat you nice and takes care of your needs, Hoorah Hickam!