Monday, June 18, 2012

I thought that this Hibiscus was so beautiful because the top of the petal was white and the bottom was a pale pink.  The petal curled up slightly to reveal the surprise color underneath.  Spectacular!

Today's walk consisted of two areas as I'm trying to plug the pukas(holes) that were missed on previous walks.  I finished the Airport area and some Navy housing by walking 4.59 miles.

The Honolulu International Airport wasn't always called that.  The area was bought from S.M.Damon estates for the sum of $27,410 in 1925.  It was named, "John Rodgers Field" to honor John Rodgers who attempted the first flight from U.S. Mainland to Hawaii.  He ran out of fuel, made sails from the plane wings, and after 10 days sighted Kauai. He was picked up by a submarine when he was 10 miles away from Kauai.

Planes fees too high for you?  Well, "Inter-Island Airways" charges were as follows in 1929:
Honolulu - Molokai =$7.50
Honolulu - Maui = $20
Honolulu - Hilo = $32
Honolulu - Kauai = $20
People were allowed only 20lbs of baggage with a surcharge of $.25/lb for baggage in excess of 20lbs.  These bags were not made of light-weight materials and you complain now????
Obviously, Daddy is a diver!  This sign was too cute to be missed as I walked in Navy Housing.

Now this is something that I think my Hawaiian ancestors would do to dry their clothes!  Good 'ole ingenuity to use two coconut trees to hang clothes lines.  Dry bikinis there and attract the men!! (For the single ladies!)

The trees are in full bloom and distracting for the walking Hawaiian!  One of these days, I'm going to walk into something because I'm looking at something instead of where I'm going.  Be safe, my friends!  Aloha!(Bye!)


  1. Wow!! I missed about a week and had to catch up. So beautiful. I really Love the trees. Thanks and get well.

    1. Well, littlebrother, I'm glad you're caught up! Most of the trees at Foster Botanical Garden are "exceptional trees" and theres all kinds of laws that protect them. I am doing better and thank you for the get well wish.