Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aloha(Hello), my friends!  Due to my injury, I have a Doctor appointment today and hope that he'll give me good news about my pulled hamstring.  I feel better than yesterday, but, don't want to injure my muscle further.  So, no walking for today, and I'm going to post more pictures of a previous walk downtown on Kamehameha Day.  Many pictures never see the light of day on my posts due to not wanting to overload you with too much pictures.  I pick and choose selectively!  Now, you will get to see the ones that I don't show.  Enjoy!

The Kamehameha statue stands in front of the Ali'iolani Building off of King St. (Aptly named!)

This is the "water of Ha'o!"  The spring where  the High Chiefess Ha'o would bathe and the name of the Church right beside it, "Kawaiahao."

A Cemetery on the grounds of the"Kawaiahao Church," holds the remains of King Lunalilo, the first elected King of Hawaii.

Once a Federal Building, it was sold to the State of Hawaii in 2003 for $32.5 million and renamed the, King David Kalakaua" building.  All Federal agencies relocated to the "Prince Kuhio Federal Building," except for a small section that retains a Post Office.  The building now holds offices of the Hawaii State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

A park in the middle of downtown, "Bishop Square,"surrounded by HUGE highrises is a wonderful respite to spend your lunch break and listen to the water cascading in the many fountains around you.

Even though the Hawaii State Library wasn't completed until 1913, the cornerstone was placed in 1911.  Please kokua(help) with your prayers that I will heal quickly and be back on the streets of Oahu continuing my journey. Mahalo!(Thank you)

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