Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy "King Kamehameha Day!"  Notice the draped leis covering his arms.  Only on Kamehameha day will you see the statue this way.  Did you know that there are more than one statue?  This particular statue is in front of Ali'iolani Hale in Honolulu, Oahu, facing the Iolani Palace.

2) On the "Big Island" of  Hawaii in Kapa'au in Kohala which was his birthplace.

3) In Washington D.C., since Obama took office, it stands prominently in the Emancipation Hall at the Capital's New Visitor Center.

4) On the "Big Island" of Hawaii, in downtown Hilo, at the Wailoa River State Recreation Area.

5) On Maui, at the entrance of the "Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa."  Made by Herb Kane, it's supposed to be the most lifelike representation of the great warrior king.

6) In Las Vegas, Nevada at the "Hawaiian Marketplace" on the Strip.

You could make it a goal to see each and every one of these statues.  I've seen two so far!

Today was definitely not a planned area to walk, but, because of the holiday, I thought I would make the special trip that garnered 3.54 miles for the day.

The majestic, pillared Hawaii State Library in Honolulu, still is awe inspiring even though it was originally built in 1913.

Honolulu Hale, our City Hall completed in 1928, is the place you should go during Christmas.  The decorations inside and out affords you many photo opportunities.

Kawaiahao Church, made of coral, was commissioned by Ka'ahumanu and completed in 1842. Meaning the "Water of Hao," as the nearby spring was the bathing place of High Chiefess Hao. 
Iolani Palace, where the last reigning Monarch Queen Liliuokalani lived and was imprisoned there after she was overthrown.

Some pretty sites seen around the downtown area.  I obviously loved the water fountains.  Actually, I wanted to swim in it!  HaHa!

The State Capital of Hawaii.  Note the pillars, as they are shaped like palm trees and the building is surrounded by water, just like the Hawaiian Islands.

Since my T-shirt is sometimes covered by the umbrella I carry, I thought that the umbrella should also say, "The Walking Hawaiian."  What do you think?  A Hui Hou!(Until we meet again!)

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