Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Was somebody looking in the mirror when they made this address plaque?  I'm surprised that the residents put it up anyway.  Maybe they have a good sense of humor, and thought that they could at least get funny looks by people passing by.  It sure caught my attention!

This is the prettiest pile of tires I have ever seen.  I want to call this, "Tire Blossoms!"  HaHa!

I don't have a clue what variety this plumeria tree is, but I've made up some names anyway!  How about, "Candy-Cane" plumeria or "Stars and Stripes Forever."  Yeah, Donna is full of ideas today! Hah!

Yes, it's true, I love lava rock walls, but, I'm not sure about a WHOLE front yard being made of lava rocks!  Well, it sure makes a statement and is quite a conversation piece!

Even though I only capered 2.75 miles today, camera shots were prolific as interesting subject matter continually popped up.  It was a fascinating day, and inspires me to continue doing what I am doing!

Check out this beauty!  Jack (owner) bought this 2003, Special Edition, Chevrolet Corvette in California and had it shipped here on Oahu.  He told me he had it up to 125 MPH on the Moanalua Freeway in the past.  He was shining it up when I saw him.  His other car is a Chevrolet Camaro SS.  He loves his Chevrolets!

With two waterfalls and koi fish swimming happily in this pond, I loved it immediately.  Please double-click this picture to see the details!

No, this isn't a firehouse!  A home with a two-story garage and a regular two-car garage next to it.  What is it for?  A fishing boat.  At least, that's what the little sign in the middle says.

Please enjoy the beautiful flowers that delighted my walk today.  Hoping for a delightful day for you too!  Aloha! (Bye!)


  1. love the pictures for today! I am drooling over the chevys.

  2. XD Maybe you should help Jack out a little bit by removing his license plate number, especially since he's boasting to a crime here. I love the fairy harp though, how gorgeous!

    1. Well, they have to catch him in the act first! I don't think he drives like that anymore.