Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does that look a little close?  You betcha!  The other side of the road has no sidewalk.  My choices for today were BAD or WORSE!  HaHa! I was on either Kamehameha Highway or Nimitz Highway, I'm not sure at what point that the name of the highway changes.  I was hugging the wall, but, when the city bus went by me, I practically jumped from shock of how close that large vehicle came to brushing me.  I know I could have reached out and touched it!

My favorite picture for the day is... LOCKED FENCES!  Unfortunately, my map doesn't show fences, it shows roads, and I'm supposed to walk all roads.  This gate only opened to card holders and there were no pedestrian path to take here.  So, I walked to a side gate only to be turned around by the guard, because I had no official business being there.  Check out the map and see all the XXXX's.

I spent my whole walk today turning around and trekked 1.87  miles to see more LOCKED FENCES!  I really felt like I was in Sing Sing!  HaHa!

At least, all the trees are blooming like crazy!  This plumeria tree was the first in a whole line of blooming frenzy trees!  A joy to behold!

I'm not sure what this tree is, I think it's a monkeypod, but, check out the hot, red flowers!

I've never paid too much attention to this Fire Station before, but, they are FEDERAL, not STATE firefighters.  Does that mean that they only fight fires on Federal property?  Too bad, anyone else?  Do they assist State firefighters?  We've had a rash of fires recently that were probably arson.  I hope they caught the perpetrators!

Called, "Little Makalapa," but, maybe you should call it "Empty Makalapa!"  This area of housing sits empty and boarded up.  I don't know what the plans are for it now, but, it looked like a very nice community.  Another fence that halted my walking adventure today.

An unexpected surprise as this tiny beauty of a hibiscus had me smiling again.  Lots of road blocks today, but, that's life!  Hoping for sweet, little treasures to surprise me tomorrow!  A Hui Hou!(Until we meet again!)

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