Saturday, June 16, 2012

So what, a blossoming tree!  Well, things you don't notice driving by are things you notice by walking.  Can you find the two things in it?  Double click the picture to see up close.  *Hint: it's two of the same thing.  I'll tell you further in the blog.

Okay, I finally figured out what this "cell phone" area is!  It's a parking area if you are picking up someone from the airport and they haven't landed yet.  Instead of driving round and round until they do, you can park here (and the other place on Aolele) to wait for their call, then pick them up!  This area has about 20 parking spots and is located between Aolele and Rodger Blvd off of Nimitz Highway eastbound.

Almost done with the Airport, with a few odds and ends to complete, but 3.96 miles was more than enough with my recovering injury.  The week total added up to be a mere 10.66 because of my pulled hamstring, and the grand total of 156.90 miles since starting this blog.

The answer to the first picture is: two bicycle tires.  If you cut the picture in thirds, there is one on the left and one on the right, about in the middle. They were good tires and I suspect that the homeless person hides his spare tires there so that no one steals it.  Oh, oh, now you know!  Well, at least you don't know which tree it is!  HaHa!

This copter, I swear, was checking me out!!  Hovering about 200 feet above me very slowly, almost had a collision with a private, two seater airplane.  The only reason they missed was because of altitude difference, but, I tell you, it was a near miss!

Did you know that this path existed off of Elliot street?  I didn't, until today!  Its the safe way to walk along this road, but, I'm supposed to walk the street, right?  Yes, living dangerously!

This is why Elliot street is so busy!  Take the path, folks, that is if you are walking!

Hmmmmm... I wonder who parks here?  Oh yes, check out the window shades!  Most of the cars in the lot had them and employees where constantly walking to and fro from this lot.

I eyed this stump and was impressed that even though this tree was hacked to almost nothing, the desire and strength to live on continues.  A good thought to have in today's world, no?  E malama pono!(take good care!)

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