Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to put on some glasses and keep your mouth shut!  I noticed something strange about this car as I walked near.  NO WINDSHIELD and NO FRAME in the front.  Are they trying to get the motorcycle feel with a Jeep?  Not cool if there are a lot of bugs in the air!

Walking around the Navy Military housing, I completed 3.68 miles for the day.  Cookie-cutter, but lovely homes, I only wish that they decorated their yards a little more.

This tree must be hapa-haole. (half-Caucasian)  I checked to make sure that two trees weren't intertwining.  I still don't get how this happened!

Where is the elevator?  How do you get in and out of this vehicle?  Throw me a bone, someone!  Well, at least they have great visibility, and the people behind can see from under the car!  HaHa!

The stained glass in this church is awe inspiring.  Please come and see with your own eyes the artistry and skill that produced a beautiful dedication to God.

To my flower lovers, here you go!  Although not a part of my walk today, I did take this picture when I went to "Foster Botanical Garden."  This orchid was one of many gorgeous varieties that they have there.  Aloha!(Bye!)

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