Monday, June 4, 2012

Have you ever seen this statue?  Lit up at night and set back a ways from the road, Makalapa Elementary School Administration building showcases this rendition of children and mother reading books.  Hmmm... in front of the Library would be good too, no?

An obstacle that bars my way, but, not to be unexpected as I continue my goal.  At least the timing was right as I heard a strange noise and...

The "X" marks the spot of the closed fence that actually is another entrance/exit for Makalapa crater.  Although walking 3.24 miles doesn't seem too long, it was just enough to be satisfied.

"Stadium Mall," located across the street from the "Aloha Stadium" is special because...

It contains the one, the only, "Ice skating rink" on the entire Island.  Need to "chill?"  This is the place!  HaHa!

Some "unique" flowers I saw today.  Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!   Aloha!(Bye!)

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