Friday, June 29, 2012

All day, the weather looked threatening, but, all I got was a few sprinkles.  Actually, the clouds cooled me and made all my pictures full of vivid colors.  This shot was at a dead end street, but, what a beautiful view to live here!

Although I was tempted to borrow a book today, I had to remind myself that I can't carry it, along with everything else and I had a long way to go!

These sinkholes were surrounded by fences making sure no one can get hurt playing near it.  I wonder if I'll see more as I continue to walk this Navy Housing area?

Military housing is not my favorite jaunt, since the homes are so similar in appearance.  I was almost out of the housing area when a car slowed next to me.  Of course, I'm a little freaked out, but, the serviceman just wanted directions to Tripler.  Thank goodness, I did know what he needed to do, even though I don't live there, and he thanked me profusely.  Military housing can convolute and be very confusing.  Believe me, I know!  HaHa!  Finishing the day with 3.13 miles, I felt glad to help someone on my walk.

Two separate areas of fun for everyone.  The second park  has something that I've shown you before!

That tall, strange looking structure is the windmill that was on the blog when I walked through Mapunapuna.  Located on the Navy Housing, I always thought that this structure was very tall, but, it's on a high hill and maybe 30 feet tall.  I don't know what it powers, I'm hoping it takes care of all the recreational buildings in the area.

 I saw this windchime of turtles, starfish and seahorses.  I wish I could buy one like that!

The potpourri of plants and lawn ornaments made for a whimsical yard, which put a smile on my face.  Did you see something today that made you smile?  I hope so!  A Hui Hou! (Until we meet again!)

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  1. The Santa Claus for rabbits made me smile. :) I like that you have such positive happy thoughts- the St. Bunny could have as easily been a bunny thief making off with all the goods from the poor Hare family. Way to help the serviceman!