Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is this somebodies yard?  Well, it can be put there!  These rock molds can decorate a home or hotel or a business. Located on the Northeast part of Mapunpuna, you've got to see the well thought out displays.  If I where rich, I would definitely have at least one of these waterfalls near the entrance of my house or a decoration for my yard.

Called, "Big Rock," you can find beautiful, well made rock ornaments for your yard.

Are you confused?  Yeah, me too!  I finally had to draw my own map by piecing together these four maps so I wouldn't get lost. Today's marathon consisted of 6.66 miles of ambitious walking.  Actually, I didn't know any better!  HaHa! Mapunapuna was originally a swamp land, but got filled in and is now a business/industrial area.  Flooding still happens in parts of Mapunapuna when we get a lot of rain.

Does this look familiar?  If you saw yesterday's blog, I took a picture of graffiti lining the canal and if you looked closely, you would see that this is the same artist.  He or she really gets around!

Talking about graffiti, hmmmm..... security cameras watching... do you think they caught the person painting this wall?  It doesn't make me feel too secure!  HaHa!

What is that?  A siren?  No, its a new fangled windmill.  It turns where ever the wind is, so it's constantly in motion and a good source of alternative energy.

Not the prettiest store in the world, but, they have great "local kine" snacks at reasonable prices and good quality.  By the way, they ship to the mainland!!! (For the locals who don't live here, good to know!)  I come here at least once a month to get my fill of ono(delicious) snacks.

I know, where are the pretty flower pictures?  Sorry, none for today either.  Let's cross our fingers for tomorrow!  Aloha ahiahi!(Good evening!)

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