Saturday, June 23, 2012

A novel way to hook up your sprinkler.  Somebody must be a fireman here to know how to hook up a water faucet, then attach a hose to the fire hydrant.  Wouldn't the pressure be too much?  Anyway, one way to save on your water bill, no?

Watch out!  Donna is starting to get creative!  I liked how the sunlight lit only certain areas of the leaves and other areas are cast in deep shadow.  I'm getting painting ideas!

I know, three maps, this is hard to follow.  Well, I had to keep turning pages to figure out where to walk.  Altogether, 2.56 miles was the total for the day.  The total for the week is 10.74 miles and the grand total being a blistering 167.64 miles.  I decided to walk at Hickam A.F.B. since I had a doctor's appointment on base.  By the way, I now have a baseline of health criteria and will do it again in the future and hope to see improvements as I continue my "walking Hawaiian."

A prominent structure on Hickam, which can be seen for miles!  This tower is an ever-changing spectacle during the Christmas season. Draped with 1000's of lights that change patterns and colors, you must make it a point to see.  Also, facing the tower is a huge field of grass where stages are built and holds free concerts and entertainment during the year.  People bring chairs or blankets and enjoy the evening air and the music.

Just wanted to show you how close Hickam and Pearl Harbor is!  The grass and bushes are Hickam, the road and the large trees are Pearl Harbor.  There is a gate that lets you go to either base located off of Porter Ave.

Shaded by the canopy of these majestic trees, we came across a baby tree.  At least it looked like a baby compared to the other trees beside it.  My hopes for you to be protected in any path that you take!  E malama pono!(Take good care!)

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  1. Perplexed? More guffawed if yah asked me. I've yet to see anyone use that driveway. What were they thinking? My favorite picture is of the fire hydrant being used for sprinklers, that's gotta be illegal.