Thursday, June 21, 2012

Would you ride your bike in this bike lane?  Not me!  Especially if the City bus went by!  As I was taking this picture and pondering, a bicycle rider was heading toward me, and guess where?  That's right, on the SIDEWALK!  I had to move into the pile of leaves on the right side, because I wasn't about to go on the street!  HaHa!

I saw this HUGE red flower on the sidewalk and I looked up.  The sun was shining thru the tree and the palm trees were swaying in the wind.  So, for my tree lovers, I took the shot!

If by now you're saying to yourself, enough of the street, please!  The route was mostly on Kamehameha Highway ,that's why there is a lot of street today, even though I only walked 1.73 miles.  It seemed a lot longer, but, I didn't back-track at all for once.

This highway is quite busy because of all the tourist attractions located nearby and all the military bases in close proximity.  Double click to see what the sign says.

Do you need a CDL?  This is it, folks!  Its located across the street from the...

Aloha Stadium!  No swap meet today, but, head over here on the weekends and get a great deal for souvenirs and various products.

I've never noticed this pipe before, because its in the middle of camouflage!  But as "the walking Hawaiian," I see all!  A nice way to hide things that's not particularly pretty.  Have a beautiful day, everyone!  Aloha!(Bye!)

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  1. I like the small consideration of paradise by the camouflage. That's really good of the state to do. I wonder what the pipe is for though? That tree shot with the red flowers was awesome, thank you for capturing that moment!