Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well hidden sitting low in the valley, Moanalua Golf Course was the first Golf course in the Islands, possibly west of the Mississippi.  Built in 1898, designed by Donald MacIntyre, owner Samuel M. Damon wanted people from all walks of life to enjoy the sport of Golf.  Originally an 18 hole course, it was changed to a 9 hole course in 1908.  Amelia Earhart once used the course to land her plane.

 Even though there are no sand bunkers here, there are still challenges on this unique course.  Accuracy, more than distance is demanded here.  If you think that Hole #3 has a rather large fairway, well, in the horse drawn carriage days, polo matches were held there.  You must try golfing here at least once in your lifetime, to be a part of Damon's vision.

This Medical facility is a common sight on Oahu with many clinics located in almost every town.  Where this particular facility is located, there is easy access to and from the H-1 and the H-3.  That's very good since the Emergency center is open 24 hours here.

Even though today's jaunt of 1.7 miles wasn't long, this area needed to be completed, so its done!

These masterpieces are totally illegal, but, I see the artistry in them and can't help being impressed. Double click the picture to see the details.

An interesting shot because the Civilian Hospital (Kaiser Permanente) and the Military Hospital (Tripler Medical Center) are close enough to get into one picture!  I guess everyone is taken care of right here!  So, have a safe day!  A Hui Hou!(Until we meet again!)

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