Friday, October 12, 2012

Another "Wylan" mural found!  Off of McCully and Kalakaua, I have passed this structure numerous times over the years, and never saw this.  Obviously, I passed by in a car!  Walking has brought out the excitement of discovery!  Not like Christopher Columbus, but things unknown to me before.  The accumulation of little tidbits are starting to weave together and forming a more complete picture making so much more sense!  Next time you pass here, make sure to look up and enjoy the beautiful mural!

Yeah, the tradewinds are back and in addition, I had a childhood friend, Roberta, to give me company on my walk today.  Maybe it was the conversation or having a buddy along that made today's exodus 5.99 miles!  Of course, she may never walk with me again because of it!  HaHa! 

If you think that you're not at Pearl Harbor anymore, you are right!  I took a side trip back to Waikiki again.  My friend Roberta(Robbie) used to live here, so it was a walk down memory lane for her, or maybe a blistering memory!  HaHa!

Here is my beautiful friend, Robbie, trying to hide from me taking a picture!  Good try!  Nah, nah!  Actually, this Monstera plant is her favorite and she wanted to show how big the leaves can get.  By the way, Robbie is taller than me, and I'm a tall girl!

Dragging by now, close the the finish, we came across this "surfboard" plaque describing Fort DeRussy's history.  At first, this was kalo(taro) fields, then it became rice fields before sugar cane was more profitable.  Now the open field next to Hale Koa, a military resort, transitions seem to have been the nature of this area.

So, where are more pictures?  DELETED AGAIN!  I don't know, it seems that Waikiki doesn't like me!  This is the second time it happened and in Waikiki again! 

Just  a little note... After our excursion, we ate some Hawaiian food and became the "Camel girls!"  Why?  We were so thirsty, the waiter must have refilled our water glasses at least 5 times!  I'm sure that the waiter was looking for the hump to fill up on our backs!  HaHa!  Then, we couldn't even lift our feet to walk back to the car, being filled with Hawaiian food and lots of water!  About the same speed of a camel, I think! 

So sorry about the pictures, and hoping for brain cells to return tomorrow!  Aloha! (Bye!)

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