Saturday, October 20, 2012

I like how the Hotel, "Holiday Surf," incorporated a breaching whale using the design of the building to frame it.  You can find this on the Ala Wai Blvd.  Pretty cool, don't you think? 

After resting several days, this morning I jumped out of bed and my heel felt normal.  No pain, not even a twinge.  So I decided to try to walk today.  I probably overdid a little by completing 4.74 miles for the day, making the week total a satisfying 8.98 miles, with the grand total now a blistering 406.75 miles.  I can't believe the distance my Hawaiian feet are taking me.  Sometimes, I can't believe that this is a little Island, yet the 400+ miles are still a small area completed if you compare it to the whole map.
Oooo!  Street signs!  Yeah, what's so interesting about this, you say?  Well, Liliuokalani was the last Monarch of Hawaii, but if the Monarchy was not overthrown, Miss Cleghorn (otherwise known as Princess Kaiulani) would have been the next Monarch.

Who is "Victoria?"  Actually, that was the first name of "Princess Kaiulani."  Where the actual "Ainahau" was located, I'm told that it was where the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel now resides.  I know that the very first Banyan tree was planted on the grounds of their home, and I have been searching for Banyan trees along my routes in Waikiki.  I see trees here and there, and think that they may be "slips" of the original tree, but I'm not sure.

Normally, coconut trees have an attached sheet of steel wrapped around the tree so that mice and rats cannot climb it and live among the nut clusters.  I liked that this "silver" wrap has been painted a pretty "aloha" print.  What a great idea!

Oh, how can you make up your mind!  Beautiful ukuleles displayed on Kuhio Ave.  By the way, the Walking Hawaiian is reflected on the glass too!

Please double click and look closely at the eyes.  It looked like the lion had been crying!  That was the only place where the statue was wet.  Kind of weird, yeah?

Is your eyes going bad on you or is Donna posting a blurry picture?  Neither!  The bamboo is behind a sheet of glass which has water cascading down in front.  It is a beautiful effect, especially with the bamboo behind it!  So, you don't need the stronger prescription glasses yet!  HaHa! 

*Note!  On Sunday, I'll print a "hana hou"(again) of Waikiki.  On two occasions, I deleted photographs of Waikiki.  So, I have retraced my path, took the same pictures AGAIN, and this time, I didn't delete them.  They were such great pictures, so don't forget to check my blog on Sunday!  Aloha!(Bye!)

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